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Temperature and clima chamber:

Characteristics, function and service life of systems or components are influenced by various thermal and climatic conditions during storage, transport or use. Temperature and clima chambers Weiss and Voetsch set standards regarding  easy operation, performance and equipment. Chambers may be a mini (20 liters) to chamber with a large capacity, according to customer requirements.


Corrosion- tests that simulate conditions in coastal areas or conditions in the winter can be easily simulated in the chambers of examining the operation of corrosion of the materials, colors, metal ... A very important feature of this chamber is to perform accelerated tests to achieve certain corrosion conditions.

Walk in:

This chamber are specially designed according to your requirements. They are designed for testing large samples, or a lot of small samples, to be examined for the same parameters. Walk in - big enough that you can get into them.

Standard ovens and dryers for explosive materials:

Ovens  and dryers for Explosive materials - Voetsch is one of the best known manufacturer of system thermal technology. The units are producted in high quality and reliable, for almost all application areas. Ovens for heating and drying, for testing explosive materials, non-drying and vacuum chambers are just a few examples. It is also possible to make special designs according to customer requirements.

Shock test and vibration:

Shock tests relating to the methods in which the samples are exposed to climatic, thermal or mechanical shocks in order to find vulnerabilities in the early period. Extending the functional life of the product contributes to the examination because disadvantages  ignored in the early period, in the long run are much more expensive. Vibrator - utilization of materials and components occur during transport in cars, buses and trucks, as well as over the railway and ship, air transport ... Test cabinet can be adapted to high altitude on the spot, and to adapt to other systems. No vibration of the substrate or disturbance feet. The high standards of making cabinet guarantee fast and secure test results.

Special systems:

Companies products Weiss and Voetsch also produce special chamber for testing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), IP testing,

Test Systems according to ATEX, Battery testing, Radiation, Noxious Gas, Vacuum test chambers, testing the operation of sand, dust ...

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